Andrew Sabisch

(Andrew Correa)

CoMo – v3.1.0 alpha

Here's the final video of CoMo working a linked list reversal—the one I showed at my defense. It was my first time editing a video. I wanted to use Free Software, so I tried out Kdenlive, and as it turns out, it's a great program! Use their PPA, save frequently, and don't be afraid to restart the program, and (unless you're trying to do something crazy complex) Kdenlive should be all you need.

Captured with gtk-recordMyDesktop and edited with Kdenlive.

CoMo – v2.1.1 alpha

Here's an older video of an interaction with CoMo. Subtitles show what CoMo says. Since CoMo uses my voice, I thought it would be good to replace "its voice" with subtitles to avoid any confusion.

Available formats: WEBM OGV AVI MP4
(If a format doesn't work, right-click the video element and select "Save Video As…")

Captured with gtk-recordMyDesktop.

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