Andrew Sabisch

(Andrew Correa)

I was a Dance major at the University of California, Irvine for the first two years of my undergraduate studies (Fall 2003 until Winter 2005), and an Information and Computer Sciences major for the second two years (Spring 2005 until graduation at the end of Spring 2007).

Why the change? In short, my mind is more suited to ICS than my body is to Dance. Luckily I had been taking ICS courses since my first year and had been coding up small "Hello World!" programs in my spare time before I hit college. It made the transition from Dance to ICS much smoother and much less of a shock.

When I tell people I switched from Dance to ICS, I often get a response something like, "Whoa! Dance?" and then, "That's really cool." I guess one might classify me as a confused software engineer who experimented in college … or something like that >_> …

My junior year, winter quarter 2006, I caught wind of Bill Tomlinson's research group, the Social Code Group, and decided to see if they would have me. Bill accepted me into the group and we went on to work on some projects, including FoG (a successor to The EcoRaft Project) and MDSE: Multi-Device Software Engineering (the topic of my undergraduate thesis).